Concorde Production Fleet

Delta Golf     G-BBDG

Manufacturer’s No. – 202

Present location – Weybridge, Surrey, UK. (Open to the Public)   

Assembled by BAC at Filton, Bristol, UK

Owned by British Airways PLC

CONCORDE G-BBDG at her Present location of Brooklands, UK










Brookland Museum, Brookland Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0QN  Costs – Adults £9.00, Children 5-16 £5.50, OAP £7.70             


The first Aircraft to carry 100 passengers during tests at Mach 2

Concorde 202 was acquired by British Airways during 1984 as a source of spare parts for their fleet of seven Concordes, this meant that by 2003 she had been allowed to fall into a real poor condition. Following the retirement of Concorde services in 2003, 202 was dissembled and moved by road from Filton to the Brooklands Museum, were at the hands of a team of volunteers has undergone a full restoration , and now shines to full glory.

The only sad part of this restoration is that the parts were required including interior fitting, such as flight deck instruments and the full passenger cabin fittings were removed from Concorde G-BOAB at Heathrow, leaving this Concorde in a very poor state.

When you visit Concorde 202 at Brooklands, you will notice that her forward cabin is equipped with the full passenger fitments which date from the 1990s, this is a untrue look as 202 was only a test airframe and not a Concorde airliner, and her interior never looked this way until the restoration.  

During 1985/86 BA did look at the modifications that would be required to bring her up to airliner production aircraft standard, but the costs were truly massive as some of the modifications would have required a total re-skin of her forward fuselage section (Component 30, made at Brooklands). The production series aircraft had a thicker skin here, and British Airways were informed that the CAA insisted on this being done as part of any conversion to airliner standard.

Concorde 202 is a beautiful specimen of a test aircraft and a lot of work as gone into presenting the visitor with a wonderful exhibit of a Concorde test airframe, but please do not confuse this with an airliner Concorde seen departing Heathrow everyday for 27 years.  

If you want to see Concorde THE AIRLINER then you really need to go to Manchester, it’s the only place in the UK where you can now see an intact production series airliner Concorde.

Brooklands has also restored the Concorde Simulator, This is also open the public.

Sierra Bravo   F-WTSB

Manufacturer’s No. – 201

Present location – Airbus SAS, Toulouse, France (On View to the Public)

Owned by Airbus SAS 




Adults € 18.50 – Youth / Minors & Students € 14.00 Children / – 6 years FREEu

Reservations are mandatory 05 34 39 42 00 or www.taxiway –

Guided tours in French, sometimes in English (us). Guided tours every day during school holidays (except Sundays and holidays) / 2-3 visits per week outside school holidays (except Sundays and holidays).

Information necessary for the visit:

French nationals and European Union: the name (and maiden name for married women), name, date and place of birth, nationality, telephone number. Non-EU nationals: name, date and place of birth, country of birth and nationality, telephone number. Compulsory Registration Deadline: two full business days before the date of the visit (this time takes into account non-working days: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).


Although this Concorde was designated as a production aircraft F-WTSB, and its British counterpart G-BDDG, never actually entered service. They were used to undertake the final phase of testing and certification before the actual production aircraft were built. Tasks included aircrew training, route proving, endurance testing and technical refinement as well as acting as a test bed for production techniques

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