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Alpha Echo G-BOAE


Compared to the development prototype Concordes, the final Production airframe version that we all know so well have a higher gross weight slightly extended main landing gear legs and improved aircraft systems. They were fitted with the Olympus 593 Mk 602 or 610 production engines. One of the interesting facts about the production Concordes, is that none of them are the same, they differed in weight, this is due them being hand-built and further development as the production of the aircraft continued. 216 G-BOAF was the most up to date and lightest Concorde being last to be built, and benefiting from new materials and improvements to the design.

Manufacturer’s No – 212

Present location – Barbados (Open to the Public)

Owned by British Airways PLC

Concorde G-BOAE in her present location in Barbados


Barbados Concorde Experience, Grantley Adams International Airport, Christ Church, Barbados. Tel – (246) 420-7738,


COST- $20

The floor plan of the Concorde display in Barbados


There have been many reports concerning her condition, all very good apart from the fact that they may have cut a hole in her rear underside. The hole seems to provide a space to feed the cables needed for some sort of light show also a small dent in the tail cone. The rear galley (which was part of the cabin fittings, and not structural) has been taken out, so that the visitors can now enter through the rear baggage hold door, and then walk the full length of the aircraft

They have built an excellent facility for viewing and touring the aircraft. She has been beautifully maintained.

In addition, at the exhibit they have really well informed tour guides, a display of assorted Concorde paraphernalia, video shows and even two Concorde flight simulator to practise flying out of Grantley Adams airport!

I would say a big well done to the team in Barbados for the preservation and dedication to the exhibit.

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