Concorde Passenger Cabin Equipment & Furnishings

This section deals with the aircraft furnishings that the Concorde passenger would expect to see and use during their time in the passenger cabin, and those hidden furnishings that would make their journey on the edge of space, both relaxing and comfortable

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Passenger Seating 

In 1999 British Airways commissioned the London based agency “Factory design”, working with Terence Conran, to improve the interior of their Concorde fleet. This collaboration led to the most amazing, advanced seats ever fitted to Concorde.


The British Airways Concordes, have a total of seven galleys fitted throughout the aircraft, from these galleys the rich and famous were served with the finest meals and wines in the world

Carpets & Overhead Luggage Bins

The airframe heats up during supersonic flight and as a result stretches up to 20cm, the carpets had to be designed with this in mind.

Passenger Compartment furnishing trims

Wall & Ceiling Linings / Window Blinds/ Overhead Luggage Bins / Cabin Insulation


There are three toilets located onboard Concorde, for use by both passengers and crew


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