Concorde advertisements – British Airways

British Airways – Concorde (1989 TV ad)

British Airways Concorde advert 1996

 This video used to appear on the British Airways website to promote Concorde

1998 British Airways advert to promote the new livery “Chatham Dockyard” (or Union Flag) on the Concorde which was BA’s flagship at the time

BA’s 23-year-old partnership with the Saatchis


Concorde at Heathrow, 1990

British Airways wanted to “own” the roundabout that is on the approach to the tunnel leading to the airport from the M4 slip-road. Saatchi’s’executive creative director Simon Dicketts came up with the idea of putting a scale model of Concorde on the island rather than mounted on a poster. The then-account director Phil Gault spent an angst-ridden six months of his life managing the building work, and reporting to Kershaw daily. It became one of the symbols of the airport – even though the plane itself had been decommissioned. It has now been moved to Brooklands.










I don’t believe in Concorde, 1990

This sweet little film was another in a long line of impressively single-minded ideas from the Saatchi’s’ executive creative director Simon Dicketts. BA had always been reluctant to over-use the Concorde connection, but Christmas seemed to be the perfect opportunity. The little girl in her pigtails shot from directly over her head and exclaiming “naaah! I don’t believe in Concorde” was filmed in just one take. Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best.













1975 Pre British Airways service Launch issued Concorde marketing booklet from 1975. The booklet detail in some length the Concorde story and its benefits to travellers

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