Concorde Emergency Procedures & Equipment

Emergency Evacuation and Equipment

This section of the Emergency Procedures & Equipment section of this site describes and illustrates the systems and equipment which were essential to the safety and evacuation of both the passengers and crew during adverse operational emergency conditions such as:

Emergency Landings, Ditching, Crash Landing and includes equipment such as Life-rafts, life Jackets, Escape Ropes and slides.

Emergency Oxygen Systems

This section deals with the two emergency oxygen systems. These are essential to the safety of both the passengers and crew during adverse operational emergency conditions, such as Rapid Cabin Depressurization and Emergency Descent.

Engine Emergency Procedures

This section deals with engine emergencies, such as Engine Fire, Overheat or severe damage, Four Engine Flame Out above Mach 1.2 and Four Engine Flame Out below Mach 1.2

Hydraulic System Emergency Procedures

This section deals with hydraulic system emergencies, such as Low Hydraulic Pressure at the Flying Controls

Landing Gear Emergency Procedures

This section deals with landing gear emergencies, such as landing with abnormal landing gear configuration

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  1. Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

  2. What a great blog post! Thanks for sharing it on your blog.

  3. To celebrate this event LH and Boeing will have a huge celebration in Hamburg among the guests will be LH CEO Wolfgang Mayrhuber as well as Boeing CEO James McNerney. It was rumored that Boeing will bring a 747-8 to this event but there seems to be problems and the 747-8 is not coming. LH will show two 747-400s at this event as well as 707 painted in LH´s old 1970s livery.

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