Concorde Approved Fuels /Additives & Fuel Tank Capacity

Approved Fuels /Additives


(1)   Unlimited Use

Kerosine type, (AVTUR), fuels to the following specifications:-

D. Eng R.D. 2494 Iss. 7 Amd.1

AIR 3405/C Iss.4

ASTM D 1655-73 Jet A-1

3-GP-23 h

D. eng R.D. 2453 Iss.3 Amd. 1

(2)   Limited Use

The following fuels may be used on a non-routine basis when no fuel in the “unlimited use” category are available:-

ASTM ES2-74 Jet A-1

And provided that the operational conditions are such that the fuel temperature will at no time, fall below -40deg.C:-

ASTM ES2-74 Jet A

Where the -40deg.C limitation specified above can be observed the following fuel may be used on a routine basis:-

ASTM D 1655-73 Jet A

For use of Jet B, Wide-cut JP4 type of fuel, see Conditional procedure entitled “Use of  JP4 type fuel”.


(1)   Icing Inhibitor

D. Eng R.D. 2451 Iss.2


MIL – I – 27686 E.

The maximum permitted concentration of additive is 0.15% by volume.

If any fuel heater is inoperative, use of fuel containing an approved icing inhibitor, at a concentration of not less than 0.1% by volume, is mandatory.

(2)   Corrosion Inhibitor

Hitec E. 515 in concentration not exceeding 21 mg/litre, (7.5lb per 35,000 Imperial gallons).

TOLAD 245 in concentrations not exceeding 34 mg/litre, (12 lb per 35,000 Imperial gallons).

(3)   Static Dissipator

In order to achieve a refueling time of 20 minutes from normal reserve quantities to full tanks, Shell ASA-3 static dissipator must be present in the fuel at concentrations up to a maximum of 1.0 mg/litre, (0.35 lb 35,000 Imperial gallons).

If ASA-3 is added to the fuel, concentrations may only be used which result in the electrical conductivity of the fuel remaining within the specification limits.

(4)   Combined Additives

AL 38

This is a combination of 99 parts by weight of fuel system icing inhibitor and 1 part by weight of Hitec E. 515. The maximum permitted concentration is 0.13% by volume, provided that the fuel does not already contain either of the constituent additives. The use of AL. 38 is subject to the limitations specified for Hitec E.515.

(5)   Fuel Dye

Automate Yellow 662 or 662F

The maximum permitted concentration is 120 ppm by weight, (42 lb per 35,000 Imperial gallons).

(6)   Anti-Microbial Additive

Biobar JF, in concentrations not exceeding 270 ppm and with total boron content not exceeding 20ppm, may be used on an intermittent basis. It is permitted to burn off the treated fuel provided that the fuel is not contaminated by microbiological or other debris.


Fuel Tank Capacity



The Location of Concorde's 13 Fuel Tanks.

Function  Tank Number  Capacity (litres)  Quantity (kg)  
Engine supply  1 5,300 4,198  
Engine supply  2 5,770 4,570  
Engine supply  3 5,770 4,570  
Engine supply  4 5,300  4,198   
Main 5 9,090 7,200  
Storage 6 14,630 11,587  
Tanks  7 9,350 7,405  
  8 16,210 12,838  
Auxiliary Tanks  5A 2,810 2,225  
  7A 2,810 2,225  
Transfer and  9 14, 010  11,096  
Reserve Tanks 10 15,080 11,943  
  11 13,150 10,415  
TOTALS 13 TANKS 119 ,280  94,470  

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