The Concorde Fleet

Between 1966 and 1979 there were 20 Concorde’s built, 10 in Britain and 10 in France. This included two prototype aircraft, which never entered service as they were built for test purposes. One built in France and the other in the United Kingdom. Following this two pre-production prototypes were built, this was to further and refine the design of Concorde and to test new ground breaking systems before they started the manufacture of the production aircraft. 16 production Concorde aircraft were built before the program was cancelled by the British and French Governments, The first two production aircraft never entered into service, but were use to test production techniques and further development work. They also helped paved the way for the granting of airworthiness certification as well as providing extensive route proving information.

Only British Airways and Air France purchased the Concorde, with the airlines initially purchasing 5 and 4 aircraft respectively. There were 5 surplus aircraft which were in the end placed with both airlines in 1980 and they eventually purchased them for a nominal cost of £1 / 1 Franc. British Airways acquired the 2 unsold UK built aircraft, while Air France bought the 3 unsold French built craft.

British Airways had a Concorde fleet of 7 aircraft while Air France had a fleet of 5 Concorde aircraft.  The first British production Concorde was purchased by British Airways and used for spares, to support their operational fleet.

Concorde Development fleet

Concorde prototype 001 F-WTSS

Concorde Prototype 002 G-BSST

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