Concorde G-BOAA

Registration - G-BOAA

Current Registration Date - 28/07/1980

Registration Status & Reason - De-registered 04/05/2004 (Permanently withdrawn from use)

Manufacturer’s Serial Number – 100-006

Airframe Number - 216

Production Type – Concorde Type 1 Variant 102


Assembled at - BAC Filton Bristol, UK

Year Built - 1975

Aircraft Class - Fixed-Wing Landplane

Engines - 4 x Rolls-Royce Olympus 593 MK 610-14-28

Max Take-off Weight - 185070kg


Registration History –

First Registered as G-BOAA on 3rd March 1974 to the British Aircraft Corporation Ltd

12th January 1979 aircraft re-registered as G-N94AA / N94AA by British Airways / Braniff Airways

28th July 1980 aircraft re-registered as G-BOAA by British Airways.

CofA / Permit – (Public transport) Suspended

British Airways delivery -14th January 1976

Maiden Flight- 5th November 1975: Filton, Bristol, UK

Final Flight - August, 12th 2000 – BA002 – JFK-LHR

Hours Flown - 22,768 Hrs 56Mins

Landings - 8,064

Supersonic Flights - 6,842

Current Location - On display at National Museum of Flight, East Fortune Airfield, Scotland.

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Aircraft History –

G-BOAA flew the inaugural BA Concorde service to Bahrain on the 21st of Jan 1976, which was captained by Norman Todd. Capt. Brian Walpole was at the controls 22 months later as Concorde services started to New York on 22nd November 1977.

Piloted by Captain Mike Bannister flew Alpha Alpha on the 2nd of June 1996 in formation with the RAF Red Arrows over Heathrow Airport the celebrate the 50th anniversary of the west London Airport, which has been Concorde’s home since the late 1970’s

April 1988: G-BOAA becomes the first Concorde to complete the important 12,000 flying hour’s maintenance check – it is declared that the airframe is in excellent order and should be clear to fly into the next century.

June 6th 1990: To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Concorde G-BOAA, flown by Captain W D Lowe, appears in formation with a Spitfire over the White Cliff’s of Dover.

19th November 1993: Upgrade to the new £1,000,000 upper rudder, which was to be the solution to the previous rudder failure problem. Concorde 206 was the first Concorde to be delivered to British Airways on Jan 14th 1976 with a 42 minute hop from RAF Fairford.

This Airframe was due to have an Inter 4 (C Check). So she never received the Modifications required by the CAA following the post Paris accident, which would have allowed her to return to fight status. In 2004 she was dismantled to be moved by road and sea, she was re-assembled and opened to the public in 2005. It was a shame that her wings were cut off and not removed at the manufacturer’s joints; the scars remain to this day as a reminder of this crude act.

G-BOAA  Gallery  (Pictures and Video of Concorde G-BOAA)

G-BOAA where she belongs, in the sky

G-BOAA at Heathrow

Concorde G-BOAA taking off

G-BOAA Ready for departure

Jan 2001- As G-BOAA and G-BOAB were schedule to have 'intermediate' checks, they were sealed up and placed in long term storage at Heathrow

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