Concorde G-BOAD

Current registration - G-BOAD

Manufacturer’s Serial Number - 210

Production Variant Number - 102

Maiden Flight - 25th August 1976: Filton, UK

British Airways delivery - 6th December 1976

Registration history –

First Registered as G-BOAD on 9th May 1975 to the British Aircraft Corporation Ltd

5th January 1979 aircraft re-registered as G-N94AD / N94AD by British Airways / Braniff Airways

19th June 1980 aircraft re-registered as G-BOAD by British Airways

De-Registered - 4th May 2004

Final Flight - November 10th 2003 – London Heathrow (LHR) to New York JFK

Hours Flown - 23,397 Hrs 25mins

Landings - 8406

Supersonic Flights - 7010

Current Location - Retired from passenger service to Intrepid Museum, New York

Aircraft History –

Concorde 210 was the only BA Concorde to have been painted in another Livery; it had a Singapore Airlines livery on one side as Singapore Airlines operated a joint service with BA in 1979. BA crews flew Concorde and the Cabin crews were a mix between the 2 airlines.

August 16th 2000: Grounded when it’s Certificate of Airworthiness is withdrawn as a result of the investigation into the Paris crash 3 weeks beforehand.

January 29th 2002: First test flight following the post Paris crash modification programme, having been the fourth British Airways aircraft to receive the upgrades.

February 10th 2002: Returns to service following the Paris crash, with a return flight to New York JFK.

June 4th 2002: Flying in close formation with the Red Arrows, G-BOAD along with other aircraft, takes part in the Queen’s Jubilee Flypast. At the controls of G-BOAD are Civil Aviation Authority Chief Test Pilot Jock Reid and British Airways Chief Concorde Pilot and aircraft Commander on the day – Captain Mike Bannister.

July 26th 2003: Returning from Barbados, having just started the final season of flights to the Caribbean, the crew of G-BOAD have to issue a Mayday call as bad weather around Heathrow prevents them landing and the aircraft becomes dangerously low on fuel.

October 8th 2003: With the retirement of Concorde confirmed, G-BOAD takes part in the Farewell Tour programme with a visit to Boston and at the same time sets the current East to West Atlantic crossing record with a time of 3 hours 5 minutes and 34 seconds. The aircraft was piloted by Chief Concorde Pilot Captain Mike Bannister.

November 10th 2003: Final flight from LHR to JFK and retirement to the Intrepid Museum, New York.

To visit this Concorde today – CLICK HERE!

Concorde G-BOAD Gallery

A fully decommissioned G-BOAD, just before her boat trip to her final resting place at the museum

Concorde G-BOAD with Singapore Airlines livery

Concorde G-BOAD with the Red Arrows in 2002

Concorde G-BOAD: 2002

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