Concorde G-BOAE

Concorde G-BOAE

Current registration - G-BOAE

Manufacturer’s Serial Number - 212

Production Variant Number - 102

Maiden Flight - 17th March 1977: Filton, England

British Airways delivery - 20th July 1977

Registration history –

First Registered as G-BOAE on 9th May 1975 to the British Aircraft Corporation Ltd

5th January 1979 aircraft re-registered as G-N94AE / N94AE by British Airways / Braniff Airways

1st July 1980 aircraft re-registered as G-BOAE by British Airways

De-Registered - 4th May 2004

Final Flight - November 17th 2003 – London Heathrow (LHR) to Barbados Granley Adams (BGI)

Hours Flown - 23,376 Hrs 7mins

Landings - 8383

Supersonic Flights - 7003

Current Location - Retired from passenger service to Granley Adams Airport Barbados

Aircraft Events History –

July 1st 1999: G-BOAE flies in formation with the Red Arrows over Glasgow and Edinburgh as part of the ceremony at the opening of the Scottish Parliament.

July 23rd 2000: Grounded after cracks are found in the wing. This turned out not to be serious but the aircraft remained grounded as a result of the Paris air crash on 25 July.

November 7th 2001: Services restart after the Paris air crash modification programme. G-BOAE is the first British Airways Concorde to fly passengers again, BA001 from Heathrow to New York.

October 24th 2003: Takes part in the final day of Concorde services. Piloted by Captain Andy Baillie and Captain Les Brodie, G-BOAE flies a return trip to Edinburgh, does a low circuit over London with G-BOAF and G-BOAG, all aircraft landing together at Heathrow just after 4pm.

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